And you became like the coffee,
In the deliciousness, and the bitterness and the addiction.
Mahmoud Darwish (via nizariat)

A view of the whole Sarajevo city from Trebevic Mountain. #Sarajevo #Bosnia #BackpackingTour #Summer2014 (at Trebević)
Anonymous → Is it true that Muslims are ordered to protect non-muslim praying places and temples ? Salaam


Dar Al-Ifta Al-Missriyyah wrote the following:

In a letter addressed to the bishop of the people of Al-Harith Ibn Ka’b and the bishops, clergymen, adherents and priests of Najran, the Messenger of Allah wrote, “They are entitled to whatever is in their possession, notwithstanding its being large or small, including their synagogues, churches, monasteries as well as to the protection of Allah and His Messenger .  No bishop may be removed from his bishopric, no priest may be denied his priesthood and no clergyman may be denied his ministry. Nothing of their rights may be breached or abolished and neither their authority nor any of their status-quo shall be violated provided they are sincere in advice and accept their obligations without injustice.”

For the entire Fatwa, please click this link, insha Allah.

Wa alykum as-salaam.

How many times do I have to break the glass and play with the pieces of broken glass, and go out in the cold with summer clothing, and talk to strangers and hand-shake with the thieves, so that you worry about me and come?
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I start every day with lie,
That I will forget you,
And that yesterday was the last day of your love,
And that the earth is full of others like you,
But as soon as the sun rises,
I get lost intentionnaly so I can meet you,
Every day I tear apart all your letters,
And any souvenir of you,
And burn a lock of your braids,
And say that I will leave you,
And I won’t look at you if I meet you,
But as soon as the day begins,
I grab my pen again and write to you.
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Bentley 4 1/2 Litre

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Farid al Atrash with his sister Asmahan, and their mum.

Osiyan, India
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Liguria, Italy | Travel

Turkish coffe, Türk kahvesi